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Catching My Breath

I have been trying to catch my breath from running so hard.  The last few days have been incredibly busy and I feel like I am running two steps behind at all times.  I realize that I am not actually behind, but I sure do feel like it.  I always feel like I have something to prove.

Where do I even begin with an update – how about telling the world that I know what the hell the cups in the bathroom are for!!!  Yes!  I solved the months-long mystery.  So, if this is a new topic because I honestly can’t remember if I talked about it – there have been 4 old plastic Pepsi cups full of water on the women’s restroom floor ever since I got to my new university.  I had no idea why.  No one else did either.  I asked.

I would walk by these 4 cups and they would sometimes be 3/4 full, half full, or completely full.  Clearly someone was taking the time to fill them up and I just couldn’t understand what was happening.

They are for watering plants.  I asked Ellen (fake name) – the most amazing office goddess on the planet – and she said that she heard that letting tap water sit out (and let the minerals evaporate) is better for plants.  She waters her plants with that water.  It all makes so much sense now.  I solved the mystery for all of the female students in my department (and the male ones who I talked about this to).  What a relief.

Another recent development is that I have somehow managed to bring notoriety to myself and my daughter.  We marched at the Women’s March in our city on Saturday (1/21).  We had pink pussy hats (cat ear hats for those who think we wore vaginas) and we had the most amazing signs ever.  I almost feel like I shouldn’t post them because then people might find out who I am.  They are unmistakable  But basically, we attacked the crap out of misogyny and looked good doing it.

The Women’s March was an amazingly positive experience.  I felt so strong and powerful.  It was fantastic.  My daughter was proud, and I was proud of her.  Our city had a record march/rally turnout.  A local fraternity is under investigation by the university for things they shouted at us.  A state legislator quit because he was an asshole and basically made fun of sexual assault.  Good things have come from this experience.

Another interesting development following the Women’s March is that I have lost friends.  I do not understand why people who disagree simply cannot be friends, but apparently some individuals think that this is the case.  So sad.

This was such a superficial look at my life.  I really cannot even handle digging deeper right now.  I spent half of the day staring at stats, the other half nearly crying just because my emotions are flooding to the surface, and somewhere in there I made just enough time to be social with my cohort.