First Year = Finished

I did it!  I finished the first year of my PhD program!  I not only survived, I have a 4.0 gpa.  That means I got at least a 93 in every class.  I am ridiculously happy with this.

It is really quite interesting how one year has changed me so much.  I thought I was smart before, and now I realize that I am not even close to knowing anything.  I never had anxiety attacks before grad school.  I now have them every time I have a test or anything stressful.  I have gotten better at writing and research.  I still haven’t learned to say no, because I am now working on 6 different projects.  I am basically a mess, but an intelligent mess that is doing some pretty cool things.

I am certainly not the only one who has changed.  I went out with a large portion of the grad students in my department on Friday, and everyone was working out their shit.  Seriously, it was wild.  I didn’t drink (just started this whole fitness thing to save myself from this grad school 20) but everyone else did – a copious amount.  It was so fantastic to watch everyone just let loose after a long, grueling year.

Now, I am off to enjoy Summer.  And by enjoy, I mean do research and not get paid to do it.  Fun times are ahead.


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