All Caught Up – Don’t Know What to Do…

The title is a play on 311’s song All Mixed Up.  If you caught that, you’re cool in my book.  Anyway, I am actually all caught up with school work.  I am maybe even a little ahead.  I wrote my final reaction paper of the semester.  I have my second draft of my research design paper submitted for my scope and methods class.  I also have my final research design for my political psychology class mostly finished.  I am not behind in my stats class.  I have some work to do on research, but that’s it.  I am caught up.  I truly don’t even know what to do with myself.

To top it off, I have started this annotated bibliography for comps (comprehensive examinations) that is quite possibly the most spectacular thing ever.  The front page has a list of all of the political psychology topics, and each topic is a link to that section of the document.  I kinda feel like a badass on that one.  I’ve shown people in my cohort and they are seemingly quite impressed.  We are clearly easily impressed.

So in the absence of all this avalanche of work, I have found a couple ways to occupy my time.  I am currently reviewing travel grant requests for other graduate students.  I am also going to be the grad student rep to the faculty (or whatever the fancy title is), and I am going to make a concerted effort to finish the basement.  What’s that you say?  I’m finishing a basement?  Yes indeed and it has sucked.  I will probably make a post about it at some point.

In any event, I have learned that I cannot sit still.  I cannot just relax.  I must have some sort of project or crusade to be on.  I have to do a ludicrous amount of crap all at once to feel like I’m making the most of the time I have.  It’s silly.  Maybe that partially explains why a mom of 5 would even consider a full-time PhD program in the first place.


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