My New Students

Thursday and Friday provided me with my first look at my new students.  They are going to be fantastic!  I am so incredibly excited.  They are going to be great.

To start things out, when calling roll I ask them what their favorite band or musician is.  I tell them that if they say they like everything, I will assign them a favorite and it will be Aqua (the people who sing Barbie Girl).  I need to come up with a newer, more humiliating one.

It never fails though.  Things are going along quite well and then…  there’s that one student who says, “I like listening to the old stuff like 90’s music.”  It hits me like a brick.  It sucks the wind out of me, and I’m like “I’m old!!!”  How is 90’s music considered old, but then I think about it.  It was 20 years ago.  How did that even happen?   I have students that were born in 98.  I was a Junior in High School!  How did this even happen?

I suddenly have the urge to grab a Mike’s Hard Lemonade (because yes, I’m that kind of girl) and cry into it while smothering wrinkle cream on my face.


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