Second Semester: Day 1

Second Semester: Day 1

The objective was to survive the day.  I did, and my eye makeup was on fleek (do we still say that?  Is that still a thing? I will have to ask my new group of students).

Whenever I start something hard, I like to precede it with something truly awful so that way it no longer seems difficult.  Life was apparently helping me out.

I had 4 kids puking today.  I spent all day puking yesterday.  I don’t know what it is about these midwestern stomach viruses, but these bitches are hearty.  I’ve never in my life experienced something like this.  To all my childless colleagues – you have NO idea what kind of suckitude something like this is.  It’s changing sheets at 2 am, bathing kids, scrubbing toilets and floors.  To all the grad student parents who have survived a round of the stomach virus – You are the real deal!  You’re a freaking hero and deserve some sort of cord or medallion to wear at graduation.

I have 3 classes this semester.  The second half of the hardcore stats class, a research seminar on biology and politics, and a required scope and methods course.  But Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are my rendezvous with the hardcore stats class, and missing even one class will screw up my entire unit.  Missing today was not an option.

Interesting fact about grad school.  Those undergrad syllabus days do not exist.  There’s no going over the syllabus to just ease you in.  It’s like unplanned anal without lube.  It’s like “welcome to the most hardcore stats class you’ve ever had, let’s jump right into correlated correlations and here’s the formula for Hotelling’s T.”

And naturally, there was a meeting.  I had 2 meetings over winter break, and apparently that wasn’t enough.  I needed one when I got back.  And the best part, I figured out that I get to present research that I don’t have yet in April.  Word!  That’s going to be awesome.

But I didn’t consider quitting today.  It’s already an improvement from last semester.


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