S2:D2 and My Cohort

Semester 2: Day 2.  Syllabus days are the most amazing days on the planet, especially when they are completely unexpected because you’ve not had one in grad school yet.  Today was a syllabus day for my Biology and Politics class – AND it will be for my Scope and Methods class.  Can I get a Hallelujah?!

I am actually going to get our of here early tonight – by 7 pm (instead of 9 pm).  In grad school, a couple hours of free time is better than any other gift in the world.

Aside from that, I went to lunch with a couple guys in my cohort.  I shall call them Jerry and George, which I suppose makes me Elaine (thanks Seinfeld).  They were the first people I met when I toured the campus last March.  We were all from different states, here to see the campus and meet the people.  I was certain I was coming here (because this is really the only place I wanted to go) but they weren’t sure yet.  It’s funny but the youngest of the two – George –  (who could almost be my child if I had made particularly bad life choices in High School) hated me when we first met.  He absolutely hated me.  He said that I was one factor that led him to almost reconsider accepting their offer.  Apparently that one day with me last March was that bad.  He even told me that he was relieved to not have to share an office with me when he saw the office assignments.

Life has a funny way of working out, because he’s probably my best friend here.  We talk all the time.  We chat in each others’ offices, and we bitch to each other.  When I had a super shitty day and was almost in tears, he hugged me.  When his grandmother passed away, I hugged him.  I couldn’t imagine having to go through this whole thing without a friend like that – in the office right next door.

The other guy, Jerry, is also from the south, hates this stupid cold weather nonsense, and had no problem with me (that I’m aware of).  We have spent a lot of time talking in offices and having silly conversations.  He’s quieter than the other guy, but he’s great.  He is just two doors down.  These guys are my guys.  They are the first two people I knew and they are my saving graces.

We had lunch and a weird restaurant that two of us couldn’t handle properly (hey – ordering is hard work when there are like 36 combinations and we have no clue what is going on).  Jerry and I had never been there.  It was awkward and we had issues with condiment cups and cup lids.  It was a mess.  How we are getting a PhD, I will never know.  Then George saw the need to show us how to walk on ice.  I’m not kidding, George is from a seriously stupid cold state and can just walk on this crap like its nothing.  Jerry and I were walking on it like baby giraffes making tiny little steps.  Its always nonstop laughs with these guys.

The other people in my cohort are equally wonderful.  Another girl, who I just adore talking to is super friendly.  We sit together in the stats class on roids, and she is an absolute statistical genius.  I wish I had half of her knowledge about this stuff.  She is funny and amazing.  I shall call her Stats Girl because she has some serious super powers.  She and I had dinner with Captain – another guy in our cohort a few weeks ago.  Captain is a military guy who is doing some super cool things with his PhD program.  He also has kids and can understand how crappy this can be.

The only bad thing about today – feeling like an amazing douche canoe paddling down asshole river because Jerry, George, and I just didn’t think to invite Stats Girl!  We all really like her but lunch was a split second, last minute decision and we just wandered off without her.  UGH.  Social navigation is clearly not our strong suit.  We must work on this.


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